Thursday, October 22, 2009

Live In Nanny

On Monday Valerie emailed me offering me a job as a live in nanny for the week. She was frustrated because she hasn't been able to work (substitute teach) since she was hired because her babysitter has been sick. Since I don't have a job I decided to help out.
I've been taking care of the girls and I even helped with some of the Halloween party preparations. We filled goodie bags on Tuesday night and yesterday I made a ghost for the pin the eyes on the ghost game. Evelyn's Glinda costume will be covered with sequin-outlined appliques. So, tonight we'll be working with sequin string and the hot glue gun to make those appliques. I'm having a ton of fun here with the girls, but I sure am happy I don't have any kiddos myself. They wear me out!

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V said...

Thanks SO MUCH for helping us out this week!!! Watching the girls and getting ready for Halloween. Whew. I think we're all worn out.