Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crazy Day

Yesterday was a really crazy day. I ran errands with Valerie in the morning and was overjoyed to complete two of my quests. I found a felt cloche hat for a decent price AND I found the chapstick I'd been looking for. I ran out of chapstick last week and couldn't find the same one anywhere. That always seems to happen doesn't it? You find something you like and then when you want to buy it again it has been discontinued, repackaged, or reformulated and you go from store to store searching for it. Well, at least that's what happens to me. I ended up buying a four pack of chapstick to get the one I wanted, but I don't care--I'll give the other three away.

After errands I had a crazy time with the rain. Then I couldn't get the dvd player to work. Oh boy, did I feel dumb. When Valerie got home she made the dvd player work by pressing one button (which I know I tried) and I was introduced to Shaun the Sheep. I really liked it and I knew Ross would too (he loves claymation), so we watched a couple of episodes on YouTube as our Saturday morning cartoons (we usually stream something from Netflix).

Last night Val and I had a crazy time finishing up Evelyn's Glinda dress. We were both tired and it really showed (not on the dress thankfully). I think the dress is finally finished.

Lots of other crazy things happened. It wasn't a bad day, just a crazy one.