Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hair Donation

Well, I've spent the last hour or so reading online about my hair donation options. Because some of the hair I have cut off is dyed my options are limited. The more I read about Locks of Love, the more discouraged I become. Every day the hanks of hair arrive, filling some 10 postal bins, representing the best intentions of donors, but so much of it destined for the trash. This is partly the fault of donors who donate hair that doesn't meet the requirements. Still, the hair could/should be sent to Matter of Trust, which accepts hair of all lengths and conditions. Locks of Love does NOT make wigs for children suffering from hair loss due to cancer treatment (as I (and I'm sure many of you) thought). Locks of Love hasn't made very many wigs at all!

I would donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, but my dyed hair doesn't meet the requirements. Same problem with selling the hair and then donating the proceeds to charity. I'm going to think on it, but I may just donate it to Matter of Trust and hope it helps soak up an oil spill.

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