Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yard Month So Far

I've managed to do some clean up in the back yard. It took a few days to get all the leaves cleaned up. I'm keeping our yard cart full. After cleaning up the leaves I started pulling weeds. I cleared the entire stone patio. I've really fought with the weeds on that patio over the last couple of years. I decided that I don't want to do that again this summer. So, after clearing off the leaves and weeds I distributed the dwarf mondo grass a little more evenly. Then I filled in the cracks with topsoil and mulch. It looks about how it looked when we first had it installed. Hopefully the mulch will keep down the weeds. After I finished up I watered the grass and cleaned off the stones. The plan is to put stones in around the big tree and have a kind of desert area. I would like to put in a flower bed next to that and then a garden on the other side.
This is the area of dirt that I'd like to turn into a garden. I'd like a variety of herbs. I'm tired of paying 1.99 a bunch for herbs at Central Market. Getting the patio done is a big accomplishment. I also planted some pansies in the flower bed on the side of the house. I'm not sure what I want to do with that area.
I'd like to have this all done before Passover. Maybe we could have a nice meal outside. Ross put down weed and feed on the front and back lawns. Our back yard is nothing but weeds. After I get the back taken care of I need to work on the front flower beds. I want to rip out all the holly and put a Japanese Maple on the corner. I don't know what else to plant out there. Getting the hollies ripped out will be a big enough task.

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Anonymous said...

you did good. it looks great.
by the way, i love you.