Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One Ton Down

Yesterday I took it easy until Ross came home with the landscape fabric. We finished covering the area that will be covered with rock. Today I moved about 3/4 ton of rock. We will have to order more rock so that I can finish filling in the area. Here are some photos from yesterday and today. Ross said the other photo of the post didn't have any scale, so I took a picture of him with the pole. I spent an hour today digging around the other post. Hopefully we can get that out soon.

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Team Serrins/Springfield said...

Wow. A ton of rock. That's a whole lot. We had to move 2 tons of shredded tires to the back yard when we put in the playscape and it's a lot of work. It all looks really cool.

Tee hee, a picture of Ross with his pole.