Sunday, April 6, 2014

Houston Zoo

Rain prevented our visit to the Houston Zoo during year of the zoo. Yesterday's weather was perfect for a zoo visit.
Ross's favorite was Duncan, the baby elephant. He just kind of bumbled around, exuding cuteness that triggered everyone's oxytocins to flow.

You know me, I love the big cats. People kept commenting that this clouded snow leopard looked dead because of the way he was asleep on the log.
We paid to feed the Neema, the giraffe. Boy, giraffes have long tongues.
This is a Swift Fox. Totally adorable. I don't think I've ever seen one before.

Overall the Houston Zoo was great. It had the best bat exhibit I've ever seen. They had a blue light instead of a red light, so it was easier to see the bats. It was also feeding time, so we saw the bats get food (fruit) and eat it while hanging upside down. They had a children's area, with a petting zoo. The children's area also has Liberty, a bald eagle. She is in an open enclosure (no glass or fence between us and her) because she can't fly. Why can't she fly? 'Cause some jerk shot her.

I'm glad we got to go to the zoo without extreme heat or rain. We had a good time.

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