Sunday, April 6, 2014


So on Friday night we drove like bats outa hell to Houston to Dita Von Teese perform in her show Strip Strip Hooray! She expertly seduced and removed clothing in four different numbers.  In between other burlesque performers teased us and Mel Zetz (as Ross called him) kept the show rolling.

Dita's cowgirl number was my favorite. Everything was pink and sparkly. Her boots were covered in pink rhinestones. Everything was. Her boots even had tiny pink sparkly spurs. She even had pink star-shaped pasties. Dita rode that bull like an expert.

Ross liked Lada Nikolska, who did her routine to a French song. She had mesmerizing eyes.

Pearl Noir was fantastic. Her performance wasn't so much a strip tease as it was a high-energy dance, and it rocked. The male performer was okay. I'd much rather see Dita and Pearl any day.

At one point Mel (who looked like Delphina, the psychic on One Life to Live) held a three person dance contest. One of the contestants was a tiny little lesbian with suspenders. The crowd went wild when they found out she was in the Navy and wouldn't stop cheering and clapping. She won the dance contest--and her prize was one of Dita's stockings. Ross said that was useless. What do you do with one stocking? No imagination....

As Ross noticed, and Mel Zetz commented on--the crowd was very diverse, and everyone got along. I guess that's the power of Boobies!

Photos were not allowed, so I did not take any. These photos are from the Strip Strip Hooray! website.


Ainsmar said...

So...the last one is a man, right?

k. said...

Pearl? No. All woman.