Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cause for Celebration

Yesterday was an awesome day.

It was a beautiful day out. I hung out some laundry and ran my errands with the top down. One of my errands was going to the bank to pay off my car. Yep. Now it's alllllll mine. I'm super happy because now we don't have any car payments. I was ready to celebrate.

When I got back from running errands I found these on the table. Flowers and unsweet tea. My booboo knows what I like.

So yesterday was Valentine's Day. I have plenty to celebrate on this totally kitchy, doesn't mean much to me holiday--and every day. I have a great husband. He puts up with my craziness. He loves me. He supports me in everything I do. All that and he's got the cutest bum ever. I also have Bailey, who comforts me when I'm sick, and snuggles with me--even if it is just to steal my warmth.

So to celebrate the car being paid off and it being February 14th we went to Five Guys. It's just what we do. When we got there we found a line, which was a little surprising. The funny thing was there wasn't much of a line at Amy's and The Cheesecake Factory had a very long line and at least an hour wait. I'm sorry. I'm not waiting in line to eat overpriced, mediocre food. And if I wanted to eat some place that bad, I'd just wait until the next day if I walked up on a line like that. What makes February 14th the Ultimate Day to express your love?

After our burgers and fries we laughed at the people standing in line at The Cheesecake Factory, skipped the long line at Amy's, and went home to celebrate with caramel popcorn. Nom Nom Nom. It was a perfectly sweet and salty end to a great day.

This is what was left:

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