Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hooray Gingie!

I have been quite worried about Gingie for a while now.  Spring has Sprung here in Texas, and I was getting no love from Gingie.  All I had was a naked stick.  I was really concerned that I had killed Gingie.  Still, I've been watering him faithfully and talking to him (and shaking/thumping him a little) and telling him to wake up.

This week I noticed that the clover in Gingie's pot has really started to grow and I thought--surely clover is more fragile than a Ginkgo Biloba tree!  If the clover is okay, then Gingie must be okay too.

Well, I just went out onto the balcony and since yesterday Gingie has sprouted a few leaves!  I am so relieved!

He's alive!!

Side note: He is also covered in little specs of paint because the contractors painted the balcony and got paint on Gingie and Rosie. That is one of the reasons I was so worried.  I thought the paint might have killed him.  You can sort of see little whitish speckles of paint in the close up photo.

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