Sunday, October 21, 2012

How I Know

How do I know I'm in Texas?

1.  The smiles: People are much more friendly here.
2.  The waves: Drivers here are a little more courteous.  They let you change lanes, and they wave when you let them in.
3.  The prices:  Food here is cheaper.  Gasoline here is cheaper.  Unfortunately the houses in the city aren't cheaper.
4.  The weather:  The high today was 90.
5.  The boots:  I see cowboy boots everywhere.
6.  Access roads:  Here there are roads next to the freeway.  That's the way it should be.
7.  Dedicated U-turn lanes: The freeways have dedicated U-turn lanes, so if you missed your exit, you can easily flip a U-y and get back on track.  Even without the U-turn lanes it is a lot easier to switch directions on the freeways.
8.  Big trucks:  Actually, there are less of them than I thought there would be, but enough that I think that Smart Cars shouldn't be allowed on the roads here.  Don't get me started on how "safe" a Smart Car is.  That kinetic energy has to go somewhere.
9.  H-E-B!:  H-E-B is a grocery store.  They actually don't have them everywhere in Texas, but we have one within walking distance.  When I moved to Fort Worth 12 years ago I cried because they don't have H-E-Bs there.  The selection is good, the prices are good.  They also have an upscale version--Central Market.  H-E-B and CM make me happy.
10.  The restaurants:  There are Mexican restaurants everywhere.  And we have lots of BBQ.  We have lots of restaurants period. And the pizza parlors here serve pizza--not pizza and subs and pasta and Greek food.
11.  Taxes: sales tax here is 8.25%, but there isn't any state income tax.
12.  The space between:  Between cars--people don't tailgate here--as much. Between houses:  Some areas have just started building rowhouses, but most homes here are single family, with a lawn between the houses.
13. Litter: People don't litter here nearly as much as they do in Maryland.  I don't see it piled up in the medians at the stoplights.  I've only seen one person chuck a cigarette out the window.  I've actually seen some folks pick stuff up and put it in a trash can.
14. Grackles:  Grackles are birds.  Kinda like ravens.  We have tons of grackles here.  I need to get a good photo or video of when they are hanging out in the trees at dusk, squawking all ominously like something out of a scary movie.
15. Whataburger: Can't really describe this fast food burger joint.  I don't think Ross has had a Whataburger yet.

That is all I can think of right now.  I'll post more as I think of them.

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