Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mein Noodle AKA Menudo

One of the highlights of my weekend was eating menudo. I had it for breakfast and dinner on Saturday. Mein noodle and tamales are two things that I rarely get to eat (which is probably a good thing since both are loaded with corn). I could make them myself, but they both take a lot of work, and I won't eat either one unless I know the person who made it.

I used to feel a little guilty eating menudo because for some reason I thought that organs weren't kosher. Well, I was wrong. I ate up the posole (hominy) and hoped it wouldn't tear up my tummy. Amazingly, it didn't. The menudo was perfect with just a little added cheese. I didn't even add lime!

Mmmmm. Mein noodle.

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