Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MP3 Ringtones for My T Mobile Samsung

I went to the T Mobile website to browse through ringtones. I tried two different computers and two different browsers and could not listen to any of the ringtones. Ross suggested I make my own ringtones and send them to my phone via blue tooth.

I spent a lot of time yesterday clipping mp3s into short ringtones only to discover that my phone does not allow mp3s to be used as ring tones (converting the files to wav and aac didn't work either). I became very grumpy and frustrated. After hours of google searches, reading, and trying different things I successfully turned one of my mp3s into a ring tone.

1. First I had to cut the mp3 into a ~30 second clip. I used the free WavePad Sound Editor and that worked just fine.

2. I converted the mp3 clip to a 3gp using the ImTOO 3GP converter (again, free).
To do this I selected Blackberry 3GP video from the drop down profile menu.
--I clicked the icon next to profile settings and changed the advanced audio settings to:
audiocodec: mpeg4acc
bitrate: 128
sample rate: 22050
channels: 1 (mono)
volume: 100%
disable audio: false

3. I saved all these files to a shared folder so that I could use the blue tooth on Ross's laptop to send the file to my phone. The file must be less than 300kb to be used as a ringtone (so I double checked to make sure before sending it).

Now I can make my own (completely free) ringtones in just a couple of minutes. Who knew I could get so technical? I guess that's what happens when I get frustrated and stubborn.


Team Serrins Springfield said...

No kidding. I held my phone up to the television speaker and recorded the Buffy theme song. Then I used that audio file for my ring tone. It's been the ring tone for the last 3 phones I've had.

But I also have a file of the Buffy "grr argghhh" sound and my last phone would let me use it for the text message/voice mail message tone but this one only allows me to select from 7 types of beep, beep beep, etc.

Disobedient Tiger said...

I am impressed. I gave up at 950 and decided it was impossible. I then tried Mario Kart and decided a Star on Rainbow Road was impossible...