Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Netflix Bingeing: Les Témoins

So I burned through the six episodes of Les Témoins in about two and a half days. The show did temporarily feed my need for dark crime drama. For some reason I had a little trouble transition from Danish to French. I got over that pretty quickly and got sucked into the story. All six episodes follow the same case, unlike so many other series I have watched.

The main detective, Sandra, is quite observant and excellent at her job. Like most of the detectives in the gritty crime shows I watch, she's a bit of a loner with problems at home. Paul, another detective, knows what's going on in the case, but doesn't want to share. Sandra figures it out anyway.

This story involves a couple of serial killers, blackmail, revenge, people digging up dead bodies, detective work, and a wolf. I don't know if they will make another series. This one wrapped up well at the end. I sorta hope they don't make another one.

Oh, and I really like the theme song We Don't Die, by Tricky.

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