Friday, January 24, 2014

Magazine Addiction

I have always had a paper obsession, and magazines fit right in there. Colorful, glossy, fun to flip through, it seems I can't get enough magazines. I currently get InStyle, Bazaar, Men's Health, Fitness, Lucky, Elle, and Harper's. When the pile gets too overwhelming I take a chunk to the library. But it doesn't end there. You see, the library has an area where you can drop off/pick up magazines, and yes, I pick some up. I can't help myself. The Elle and Lucky magazines are easy to flip through and get rid of. The Men's Health and Harper's, well, they have actual reading, and so they just pile up. Most of these magazines I got free with airline miles. It was the only way I could use them, and thought, hey, why not. Some of the others I got for $5 a year with some internet special. As much as I like Men's Health and Harper's I can't wait for my subscriptions to expire. I need to get out from this stack of magazines.

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