Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I've always been interested in trying acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. I was lured in by a Living Social deal and had my first acupuncture treatment last week. I talked to the acupuncturist for a long time before my treatment. He said that based on the 5 element system I am a water and my water is basically overflowing. He also said that I have a very sensitive nervous system. That's true. I would really like to get all my systems in balance so that I don't feel overwhelmed so easily.
The acupuncturist said that by Chinese medicine standards I am blood deficient. I used that as an excuse to buy some steak. I've also been eating dried fruits and other blood building foods and trying to avoid cold foods like he instructed me to. I generally don't like cold foods, but when I paid attention I was surprised to see how many cold things I eat.
I had another treatment this week. Both treatments made me feel very relaxed. Funny how I don't find a massage relaxing, but having needles put into me does the trick.

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