Thursday, August 16, 2012

Movie: Monsters

Last weekend we watched Monsters on Netflix instant watch. This isn't so much an alien movie as it is a movie about how people live with aliens.  Vaguely reminiscent of District 9. The movie follows two people trying to get back to the US from Mexico.  We liked that this movie was very realistic.  The lead male character is an ass.  The conversations the female lead has with the people she meets are true to life.  Don't expect lots of big budget effects or a lot of alien screen time.  No fairy tale here--this is a movie about regular people.

A couple of weeks ago we watched Skyline. Monsters is much, much better.


Nicole said...

I hated Monsters. So did Ryan. It was a major snoozefest. So incredibly boring.

Skyline was terrible too. But for opposite reasons. It was all special effects and nothing else. And what was up with the ending. I mean, really?

k. said...

Nicole--that's funny. Yeah, I guess Monsters wasn't very exciting. What does that say about us that we liked the snoozefest?

Nicole said...

But you also liked the non-stop action of The Raid: Redemption. So basically you two are a conundrum.