Sunday, October 16, 2011

Leather and Cashmere

I go to the Nearly New Sale at GBMC twice a year with my friend Amy. It is the perfect place to find great deals on clothes and things for the house. I usually go with Amy on Sunday afternoons, but we decided to go yesterday morning. Wow. The place was a madhouse. We could barely walk around and didn't even see half of the place before we called it quits. We went back again today, and there was hardly anyone there. It was so much nicer.  All in all I spent less than 50 dollars and came home with:

a pair of black leather pants that I will probably wear to Ross's company Christmas party
a black cashmere sweater (Bailey and I loooooove cashmere.)
a jenaer glas cappuccino cup that I'll be using as a bowl
a small, really cute depression glass pitcher
a metal pitcher
a new powdered sugar shaker for Ross (We can't get our old one open to add more sugar!)
a Japanese tea set for two
a tie for Ross
a pink ball of yarn
a set of yarn for darning
a white designer purse--it had pen marks on it, but I've already cleaned it up and it looks great
a ceramic pot for my imaginary ginkgo bonsai
thigh high stockings

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