Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Desert Snow

We had a good time over the Thanksgiving weekend. When we got to El Paso it was around 80 degrees. By Saturday it was snowing! It was really neat to see the snow on the rock lawns, palm trees, and sage bushes. It seemed like there was more snow up on Westwind. Everything was coated with a thick layer by Saturday night. We were supposed to come back to DFW on Saturday afternoon, but the power went out at the airport and our flight was cancelled. It was a good thing that we got on one of the earlier flights on Sunday, cause the power went out again Sunday just after we left and flights were delayed about 3 hours. We went shopping downtown on Friday. That was just a good walk. I only spent 3 dollars. We didn't do too much shopping. Mostly, it was laying around the house and eating. The ususal. I think I ate half a sweet potato pie all by myself. We came home to dessert party left overs and Tejal gave us some pound cake. It's so hard not to eat it all, but I'm managing. Now if i could only manage to work out....

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